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Bad Warrior stallions and geldings; North America
Bad Warrior mares; North America
Bad Warrior (all) horses; international
rare Spanish curly horses

Bad Warrior stallions

FOR SALE: Warrior Seek Justice ABC-3675, 2007 14.2hh grullo curly stallion... Warrior Coyote Crow Horse X Seek Grace Warrior; owned by Killingsworth Ranch, Agra, Oklahoma. Being that Justice is an extreme curly (presumed KRT25/KRT25), and a nice quality all Hammrich bred stallion, he could be bred to any mares (he is "all Bad Warrior," and all his babies to SC or QH mares would be heterozygous curlies) and contribute greatly to the preservation effort. This stallion is available to a Bad Warrior Preservation Program. Ask about him, or about frozen semen.
breeder: Barbara Carroll, Texas, from Ernie Hammrich and Crow Country Curly horses.
owner: Cody Killingsworth
DCC Sioux WarriorDCC Sioux Warrior ABCR-2451; ICHO-432D, 1998 grullo + grey curly stallion, owned by: Annise Finch, Deer Creek Farms, Troy (central) TX. Shipped semen may be available @ I remember lusting after this horse's dam, she was a gorgeous grulla mare. She was not obviously stock type, but she was a beautiful mare. I forget where she came from and I don't know if we ever knew her origin, bloodline-wise? Anyone else know?This stud's sire was Wendy Robinson's big rugged 16hh grey stud, that Ernie had bred, a product of one year when Ernie infused a dab of draft (homesteader type) blood in the mix, to get added power and bone. This horse should be useful in infusing outside blood, and still carrying the Warrior line forward.
Warrior Mead Berndt LakotaWarrior Mead Berndt Lakota, owned by Angie Gaines, Golden Curls Ranch, Texas. With rugged bone and straight legs on four corners, Lakota exhibits a bright flaxen sorrel color like many of the old Berndt horses. I have honestly never seen a straight side-conformation photo of this boy, so mare owners might possibly need to see more of him to use him on the right mares for preservation type efforts.
Warrior Lynx ("Lazy")CCCH Warrior Lynx 1998, 14.3 dun stallion owned by Louise Parker, Llangollen, Wales, UK. Photo by ©Sorrel, Germany. This gorgeous hunk stallion had the temperament everyone thinks of, once they have owned a Warrior horse. These horses make their owners look good. And the better trainer the owner is, the better they get. Louise has bred ole "Lazy" to a number of good mares, and has a nice little herd of curly stockhorses. Lazy is a GBED carrier, so is only bred to negative mares. He is an amazing horse and has made a name for himself on both sides of the ocean.

Jane's coltFOR SALE: Jane's big growthy extreme colt Vinita, Oklahoma [presumed homozygous KRT25/KRT25]. Available to preservation breeders. Jane and I have researched and put back together this colt's probable pedigree. This colt (I believe) is a 3/4 Warrior, 1/4 Damele bred colt. And he might just make a horse.

Akicita sicaFOR SALE:
"Dave Archambault II "<>
former chairman, Standing Rock rez, North Dakota
grullo curly stallion, Akicita sica
1/2 Nokota
1/4 Seekers Warrior (SanSan)
1/4 APHA

WYO Warrior Son Spirit 2018 grey son out of one of 6 almost identical close to full-sister curly Waggoner mares that Ernie and I bred (waiting on photos from John). Can't wait for news on this boy. Old original Hammrich bred Bad Warrior lineage all the way. Stay tuned... We have future genetics sharing plans in the making.

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Bad Warrior mares

Warrior WYO Starr

Wyoming Star Dust ABC-693-3/4. [assumed homozygous KRT25/KRT25] 2007 extreme grey mare. Killingsworth Ranch, Oklahoma. Has run with a nice roan AQHA stud all 2020, hoping for 2021 foal. Bred by Ernie and raised & trained by Jeff & Gail Parker, WY.
• 31.25% Berndt curly
• 31.25% QH
• 25.00% Colorado Ranger
• 11.72% Owyhee wild curly
• 00.78% Crabbet Arabian (Nevada Red)


H Creeks Q Chip Nutmeg's sister: "Cims"
2005 blonde chestnut mare (looks very "Berndt" in type)
Saskatchewan Canada

Fox Fly
  Warrior Seeker Fox ICHO 932-D
Bad Warrior X Seekers Foxtail
Warrior Fox Fly 2001
[assumed homozygous KRT25]
Amy Wall says:
"Hi Donna, My friend Amanda Andrews owns this extreme mare, foaled in 2001. Is there still an effort to preserve these warrior lines? She does not want to sell the mare but might be willing to let me get a foal off her. I do not have a stock type curly stallion myself, my stud is out of gaited lines. We are located in Peshtigo, Wisconsin."

I sold this filly to a guy in Michigan in (I believe) 2001. I called her Warrior Fox Fly. I thot she was the prettiest extreme foal I had ever bred.
Warrior ArchAngelica
Warrior Arch•Angelica [assumed homozygous KRT25] (bred by CCCH, first called Warrior Latte) copper dun mare DOB: 06/1/1999. Bad Warrior X Warriors Mayme Maybe (daughter of Seekers Warrior). Owned by informal Bad Warrior preservation syndicate comprised of Killingsworth Ranch (possession), Mountain View Ranch and Crow Country Curly Horses. This is a full sister to the late Warrior Minne Xpresso. Killingsworth Ranch has this mare running this spring /summer with a very nice roan AQHA stud; we are hoping she began to cycle again at her old age, for the preservation effort.
Lynx Warrior Wind

Wrangler Roping winnerLynx Warrior Wind ABC/ICHO 1999 sorrel mare. [assumed heterozygous KRT25]
1/8 Berndt, 5/8 stockhorse. Owned by Donna Grace; being cared for by Tracy Robinson, Charlo Montana.
• 62.5000% Quarter Horse (mostly foundation)
• 12.5000% Berndt
• 10.9375% Owyhee (wild curlies in Great Basin; most were KRT25)
• 01.5625% Crabbet Arabian (Nevada Red)

This mare is planning to go to the Crow Reservation, to Joshua Felicity, Wyola, Montana, where if she is not too old, she can be run with a nice big blue roan roping stud next spring. Joshua is the guy who won a pickup truck team roping on her SC full brother, Warrior Tornado.

Reddy Maid
Warrior Lotta Spotsa Red (Spotify, Reddy Maid) [assumed heterozygous KRT25] sorrel tobiano owned by Donnetta Bursch, Joliet Montana.
• 25% Berndt
• 25% Quarter Horse (mostly foundation)
• 50% APHA Paint Horse (running bred)

An old ranch friend bred this mare. She had running blood APHA mares and ran them on our ranch on the Crow Rez. This mare's sire was Warrior King, possibly one of the handsomest Warrior studs ever, who went and retired at Curly Coat Junction in MI til he died. It is being discussed now, about this mare going to the Crow Reservation, to Joshua Felicity, where if she is not too old, she can be run with a nice big blue roan stud next spring. Joshua is the guy who won a pickup truck on an SC full brother to Warrior Wind.
CCJ Dawns Early Light
Warrior King ("Redman")CCJ Dawns Early Light; 2002 sorrel mare, 14.3 hh, never been bred, located in Michigan. [assumed heterozygous KRT25] sired by Warrior King out of CCJ Kayla. In 2018 she was owned by Diane Serra, ( and SOLD for trail riding--the new owner had no plans to ever breed her. Dawn was broke to ride by Denise Conroy's daughter, Tracey, who got her from Curly Coat Junction (Linda Stermer). She is a full Hammrich bred mare.
Warrior Twisted Sage

Warriors Twisted Sage [assumed heterozygous KRT25]  1/8 Berndt, 5/8 stockhorse. Owned & shown by Sheryl D'Uva, Cozy Nook Curly Horses, Washington; bred by Crow Country Curly Horses. Note Sage's nice clean neck to shoulder attachment, long hip and excellent balance. Sage is young, and is not currently being bred. She is being trained & shown in public, making an impression like only a fancy type Curly stockhorse can do out west.
• full sister to Lynx Warrior Wind, 1/8 Berndt, 5/8 stockhorse
• 62.5000% Quarter Horse (mostly foundation)
• 12.5000% Berndt
• 10.9375% Owyhee (Great Basin wild curlies; most were KRT25)
• 01.5625% Crabbet Arabian (Nevada Red)
Sheryl has been known to offer planned breeding leases on her mares

Warriors Spiced Dunzule

Warriors Spiced Dunzule smooth coat curly [SC]; 1/8 Berndt, 5/8 stockhorse. Owned by Cozy Nook Curly Horses, Washington. Sheryl and her girls so such a nice job showing these mares to the public.

• 1/8 Berndt, 5/8 stockhorse

• 62.5000% Quarter Horse (mostly foundation)
• 12.5000% Berndt
• 10.9375% Owyhee (Great Basin wild curlies; most were KRT25)
• 01.5625% Crabbet Arabian (Nevada Red)

Sheryl has been known to offer breeding leases on her mares

Sheryl's curly appy

CNC Shes Lioras Spot On ICHO-1359D, dun Lp blanket curly mare. This mare is going to be sizey like her dam, who is a 16 hh grey sporthorse type ApHC mare (hey this mare even has one shot of Joe Hancock in her pedigree) :o) Formerly owned & sold by Sheryl D'Uva. Not Warrior bred--a curloosa mare, not sure where she ended up... [assumed heterozygous [KRT25/N--she has an appie rattail but she is not a homozygous extreme)

Warriors Alchimia
Warriors Alchimia (ICHO typo has her as Warrors Alchimia--they missed the i) (AKA Warrior Minnie Me; assumed homozygous KRT25/KRT25, ICHO-949D; DOB 06/15/2005). This mare reminds me a lot of old CCG Warrior Curly Sue (Warrior Billy Jack's dam), in color, size, temperament & conformation. We are looking forward to what this mare will produce. She was kept with Killingsworth Ranch's good bay roan stud all summer. Owned by Mountainview Curly Horses, Oklahoma.
Weeko Brumlow
Weeko, Matteo's half sister; curly black tobiano mare [assumed heterozygous KRT25] owned by Abby M McGill.
Warrior Seek Grace
Warrior Seek Grace 2004 red dun [assumed heterozygous KRT25] curly mare, pure Hammrich lines, bred by Donna Vickery, MT, recently owned by Curly Pines Ranch – Brandon Bennett in Bastrop TX, who like the stock type horses very much. They are lawyers, but work from home and are extremely involved with their horses on a daily basis. This is a Teddy daughter, with that rare pedigree that we are on the verge of losing forever.
Warrior Sedonia Dun
Warrior Sedonia Dun red dun [assumed heterozygous KRT25] curly mare. Of mixed heritage, 50% Warrior, 50% Damele; but this mare retained a good bit of the stockhorse structure. Bred by Stag Creek Farm, TX.
Stag Creek Savannah
Stag Creek Savannah 2010 extreme red dun tobiano [assumed homozygous KRT25/KRT25], bred by Barbara Carroll, Texas. A shot or so of mixed heritage, but all in all a nice stockhorse type extreme mare - she would produce long full-tailed mane & tail curly stockhorses every time, when bred to a top SC curly stockhorse or QH stallion. Not sure where this girl ended up?
CMC Simitars Rose Red
CMC Simitars Rose Red 25% Berndt, 25% Fredell stockhorse, 50% Damele [assumed heterozygous KRT25/n]
Land Run Cleopatra
Land Run Cleopatra ABC-3656,[homozygous KRT25?] 2007 grulla curly mare, owned by Killingsworth Ranch, Oklahoma, bred by Stag Creek Farm, Barbara Carroll, Texas. Cleo is 1/2 Warrior X 1/2 Damele bred. She has a nice arching neck, and good length of hip that should blend with any type. She has spent the summer with the roan Quarter Horse stud at Killingsworth Ranch.

Golden Curls Golden American Honey


Golden American Honey [assumed heterozygous KRT25] a mare who was gathered in 2009 in the Winnemucca area of Nevada by the Bureau of Land Management. Angie put this mare into an extreme mustang makeover event [Clint Hall up]. She is an example of a true stockhorse type mare gathered off one of the Owyhee Desert (Great Basin) southwestern herds. Golden Curls Ranch, Texas.

WYO Golden Pearl


Wyomings Golden Pearl [assumed heterozygous KRT25] is another mustang adopted by the Golden Curls ranch in Texas. This mare was gathered in Salt Wells Creek, WY in 2014. Just a youngster in this photo, this mare is a nice stockhorse type mare gathered off one of the northwestern (Checker Board Square) herds. For more information please contact Golden Curls Ranch, Texas,

Warrior Honey-Pot is 100% Warrior top and bottom; sired by Warrior Seek Justice ABC 3675, and out of Warrior Minnie Xpresso, one of the last daughters of Bad Warrior. Honey was foaled September 16, 2016. Honey is an easy-going, in-your-pocket, laid-back filly that will become a valuable contribution to the preservation project in the future.
owner: Courtney Jazek, Hobbs, New Mexico
Warriors Mary Jane, 2019 mare owned by Deb Stumpf. Waiting on more info on this mare.
Seekers Rush R Sayela by Rush River Slash x out of Seekers Foxtail, last owned by Annie Waldow, a Wing N a Prayer, MT

Bad Warrior geldings go to top

After some discussion, it was suggested that owners of geldings may wish to hold off entering their pedigrees on, because we are working on a curly horse database to replace now with Tennessee State University. Geldings could wait to be entered there to prevent duplicate work. (We may need some beta test subjects there anyway right?). But If your gelding is for sale, we could include him here--so you should use allbreed--to help get him sold. Owners of exceptional geldings should gather a good hair sample, for possible preservation genetics later on.

Lynx Warrior Tornado

Nado is a hypoallergenic, Smooth Coated (SC) stockhorse gelding owned by Joshua Felicity, Wyola, Montana (Crow Reservation). Joshua and Nado were winners of 2019 NSI Team Roping Championship Pickup Truck.

• full brother to Lynx Warrior Wind
• 1/8 Berndt, 5/8 stockhorse
• 62.5000% Quarter Horse (mostly foundation)
• 12.5000% Berndt
• 10.9375% Owyhee (Great Basin wild curlies)
• 01.5625% Crabbet Arabian (Nevada Red)


Warrior Seek Jake 2018 dun curly gelding. 15 hh; available in Agra, Oklahoma. By Warrior Seek Justice out of an unregistered Cee Bee Command bred Quarter Horse mare that was sired by Leo Rio Prescription AQHA-4125127.
This colt is maturing into a nice stout gelding. Contact Cody:


Warrior Custer Dun is a stout 13YO red dun curly gelding with big heart. He is equally comfortable on trails and in the arena. He has been in our riding program and always takes great care of his riders. For more information please contact Golden Curls Ranch, Texas,

(I don't know what his bloodline is, but he looks like a super nice stockhorse!)


Matteo, owned by Carol Pascal Vance

Im a Dunn Good Looker ICHO-1862D, 2014 slate grullo gelding, 15 hh, owned by Deb Stumpf. Sired a few foals before gelded [presumed KRT25/n].
  OS Last Chance ICHO-1863D 2014 bay gelding, 14.3 hh owned by Deb Stumpf
  Warrior Mannix 2018 gelding owned by Deb Stumpf
  Warriors Rifleman 2018 gelding owned by Deb Stumpf
  I have a 15 year old ranch gelding buckskin from Bad Warrior ABC P-1330, Hammrich and Berndt lines. Sonny is quite a horse. He is a 16hh buckskin Curly, powerful and durable, with a light mouth and light on his feet.
His sire Mystic's Mountain Sunrise p-2592 goes back to Dameles Brown Curley and Nevada Red. His dam, Warrior's Queen Sue P-2406
is out Warrior's Range King P-1351 out of Bad Warrior ABC P-1330 and Dakota Sioux ABC P-862.
Warrior's Queen Sue ABC P-1355 out of Hammrich range stud (quarter horse) and Miss Berndt Warrior ABC P-1326.
These are, as you know, some the best foundational Curly horse lines possible. Steve Moore Spokane, WA.


"George is the biggest curly I've seen; last I measured him he was 15.3 and he's super thick as well. His birthdate was 5/29/2006. He was out of Angelica, and sired by a big strong Morgan stud. He doesn't have any of the feet issues that his mother Angelica has. He is fine to ride he just needs someone to consistently work with him." ~ Sara Woods, Utah.

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Warrior White Sun


CCCH Warrior White Sun; retired 1998 isabella palomino stud, sired by Bad Warrior out of a buckskin Waggoner Quarter Horse mare on the Standing Rock Reservation. Owned by Karen Sterly, Germany. [Presumed KRT25/N]

Warrior Billy Jack


CCG Warrior Billy Jack is a 2002 shiny blue-black stallion with high concentration Bad Warrior bloodlines without a lot of close inbreeding. He shows the old smooth style Berndt conformation. Owned by Karen Zierler, Curlies Austria. [Presumed KRT25/N]

Poplars Comanche Knight


Poplars Comanche Knight
2006 Lp “Curloosa” stallion
owned by Karen Zierler, Curlies Austria.
[Presumed KRT25/N]

Wicasa Matho Paha
2020 curly brown stallion
sire: CCG Warrior Billy Jack
dam: ZZ Diamond Rain
breeder: Curlies Austria
owner: Susanne Andrea Meyer, Germany
photo: Celina Brehm Photography

[Presumed KRT25/N]

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Stag Creek Flitty Wren
Stag Creek Flitty Wren; [presumed KRT25/N] 2006 smokey black mare owned by Louise Parker, Wales, UK.
Warrior Whisper
Warrior Whisper. 2011 SC-curly palomino filly bred and owned by Louise Parker, UK. Sired by Warrior Lynx. Hypoallergenic and tested clear for 5-way stockhorse panel, and CA. Located in Wales, United Kingdom. Sired by Warrior Lynx, out of a Hollywood Gold line AQHA mare [presumed KRT25/N].

ZZ Larkin Lady
curly grulla mare
breeder: Curlies Austria, Karen Zierler
sire: CCG Warrior Billy Jack
dam: Grulla Vaquera Lark
breeder: Curlies Austria, Karen Zierler
owner: (?)

ZZ Warrior Vaquera Larket
2015 curly grulla mare
sire: CCG Warrior Billy Jack
dam: Grulla Vaquera Lark
breeder: Curlies Austria, Karen Zierler
owner: Lisa Nilsson, (Sweden?)

ZZ Diamond Rain
2005 curly bay mare
breeder: Curlies Austria, Karen Zierler
owner Astrid Soika, Germany
Sire: Clooney
dam: Rescue Me
photographer: Celina
Stag Creek Collette
Stag Creek Collette, [presumed KRT25/KRT25] "Nova" is a black extreme curly mare, bred by Barbara Carroll, TX. A shot or so of mixed heritage, but all in all has a good stockhorse structure - she would produce long full mane & tail curly stockhorses whenever bred to a top SC curly stockhorse or QH stallion. Owned by Lillian Raad, of the Netherlands.
Stag Creek Magpie Warrior
Stag Creek Magpie Warrior 2000 black mare ABCR-2747, 1/4 Warrior bloodline, owned by Barbara Zeppenfeld, Germany. [Presumed KRT25/N]
Peach Nakota Warrior
AR Peach Nakota Warrior. 2016 brown tobiano mare, 1/4 Warrior bloodline, owned by Barbara Zeppenfeld, Germany. [Presumed KRT25/KRT25]
Rileys Pebbles
Rileys Pebbles 2002 POA curly mare, owned by Karen Zierler, Curlies Austria. [Presumed KRT25/N]
Warriors Amazing Stella
Warriors Amazing Stella 2013 grey mare by Warrior White Sun out of Breezy, owned by Karen Zierler, Curlies Austria. [Presumed KRT25/KRT25]. A daughter of the great stallion, Warrior White Son. Has a mixed bloodline, but has plenty of Warrior, length of hip and body to bring to the preservation project.
ZZ Comanche Pearl
ZZ Comanche Pearl, 2018 mare, *Riley's Pebbles x *Poplar's Comanche Knight. Candid field shot. So long as health and circumstances allow, we will keep her in our breeding program to maintain curly stockhorse bloodlines. Pearl is a Curloosa with both Curly top and bottom, and also P.O.A. and Appaloosa and will provide fresh blood into the stockhorse program.
ZZ Wicasa Leah
ZZ Wicasa Leah, 2018 mare. Candid field shot,(Wicasa means "Warrior" in Lakota) a daughter of *Grulla Vaquera Lark and *ZZ Wicasa Pete (*CCG Warrior Billy Jack x *Riley's Pebbles). Leah is a granddaughter of *CCG Warrior Billy Jack and a granddaughter of Seeker's Warrior. So long as health and circumstances allow, we will be keeping her in our breeding program to maintain Warrior bloodlines.
Miss Olivia Snow
Miss Olivia Snow, perlino/cremello mare, bred by Curlies-Austria. Currently owned by Anu Herrmans, Finland.
Stag Creek Cholla Wren
Stag Creek Cholla Wren.
TYPE: Homesteader X Stock Horse
Stout, extreme (assumed homozygous KRT25) beautiful mare that could probably be bred any way, for any type. She is 1/4 Warrior, and could produce powerful Warrior horses.

Warrior Ivory, smutty dunskin SC riding mare, bred by Crow Country Curlys, Germany & Montana. Currently owned by ________.

sire: Warrior Coyote Crow Horse*
sire: Warriors Black Velvet*
sire: Warriors Range King*
dam: Warriors Sue Queen*
dam: Red Curly Sue*
sire: Seekers Warrior*
dam: Sages Classy Gal*
dam: Warrior Mead MayB Queen
sire: Meads Northern Express*
sire: Joes Birthday Colt*
dam: Mead's Black Beauty
dam: Warriors Sue Queen
sire: Hammrich QH Stud
dam: Miss Berndt Warrior*

Stag Creek Celeste, ABCR Stag Creek Celeste, (CSI-register name Winsome Lady), bred by Barbara Carroll, TX, 2007 black mare, 15.1 or 15.2, that is basically 3/4 Warrior lines, 1/4 Damele lines. Owned by Nina Salonen, Finland.

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WYO Free Spirit (deceased)
Wyoming Free Spirit 1991-2019 ABC-3065
breeder: Ernest Hammrich, Mobridge SD
last owner: John Schweiger, Devils Lake, ND

Berndt 25% + 12.5% = 37.5%
QH 25% + 12.5% = 37.5%,
Owyhee (3.125% x 7) = 21.875%,
Arab 3.125%

Grulla Vaquera Lark 1999 grulla Warrior mare, owned by Karen Zierler, Curlies Austria.


Warriors Minne Xpresso
, 2000-2019, flaxen red dun 
Bad Warrior X Warriors Mayme Maybe

CCJ Kayla; Curly Coat Junction (pictured)
CCJs Wakokee (flaxen sorrel)


CCJ Thunderheart; Curly Coat Junction 1996 grey mare
might still be owned by lady in Tennessee, and Warrior King foal of ?
  CCJ Wakokee; Curly Coat Junction

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Shoshonis Renegade LRShoshonis Renegade LR
2015 mahogany bay Spanish Barb curly stallion
registry number(s): ICHO-1905D and Horse of the Americas #2032
100% Spanish Barb • 50% Wilbur Cruce • 50% [curly] Sulphur
owner: DH Cardenas, Limerock Ranch
Limerock Ranch, Ione, northern California (45 miles southeast of Sacramento)
209-210-2884 •
(Photo credit: Melissa Windham)

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