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Curly Stockhorse owners: Please email your contact information to add you to this directory

"Lee Miller" <>. Owner of 2 "pure" Berndt mares in South Dakota: I asked Lee to give me (or a preservation breeder) first right of refusal if he ever sells these mares. He says they are a blessing in his life. He did talk about breeding them, but I have not talked to him recently. I emailed him again, awaiting a current update. ~September 2020.
"John Schweiger"<>
Devils Lake ND (Warrior horses direct from Ernie Hammrich)
John may have a few Warrior colts for sale in 2021
IHHA"Donna Grace" <>
Bucking V Outfit, LLC. Crow Country Curly Horses (formerly of Pryor Montana)
Berndt & Warrior horses (direct from Ernie Hammrich)
Donna Grace Vickery (founder, ICHO, 1999)
Maricopa County, Arizona, 406 591 6568
Warrior Wind; Charlo Montana
Warrior King tobiano daughter; Joliet Montana
"Cody & Barbara Killingsworth" <>
Killingsworth Ranch, Agra, Oklahoma, 405 210 0557
For Sale: grullo stud, Warrior Seeks Justice
For Sale: dun gelding, Jake (Warrior Seeks Justice X QH mare)
"Hiedi Robinson" <>
Mountainview Curlies, Cedaredge, Colorado
Has several curly stockhorses for sale ~ MOVED to OKLAHOMA
Jeff & Gail Parker, curly stockhorses (direct from Ernie Hammrich)
Casper / Deaver, Wyoming, 307 254 5637
Jane Matlock <>
Vinita, Oklahoma
has a yearling extreme Warrior-bred colt for sale
Rich Giago"Rich Giago" < > Pine Ridge rez SD, 605-407-2828
I live here on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Iím not looking so much into selling horses or making profit from them but mainly for preservation of the old Lakota /Native Lines, reintroducing them back to our people, healing for our children that are hurting and lost, taking the horses on the annual Chief Bigfoot /Crazy Horse memorial rides and other rides we have throughout the year. We do traditional Lakota young menís and womenís camps so I want to teach them about our relationship with the horse nations. Also I work at an all girls school and will like to incorporate the horse into the curriculum. One of my horses is a 2 yr old Mustang/Appy Grulla stud, a 3 yr old Mustang/Nakota Grulla mare, and a 1 year old blue roan mustang filly (Yvette said they are from Lakota lines but I am not sure exactly what lines)?. The 2 yr old Bay Curly filly is different then the rest. Sheís more docile and acts like will be a breeze to train. The grullas are a little more on the wild side.

Dave Archambault IIAkicita sica"Dave Archambault II "<>
former chairman, Standing Rock rez ND
For Sale: grullo curly stallion, Akicita sica,
1/2 Nokota
1/4 Seekers Warrior
1/4 APHA


Jon Eagle Sr.Jon Eagle Sr <> Wednesday, August 12, 2020. FB Msg from Jon Eagle Sr., Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Hi Donna. Iím curious now. Curly horses came up at a recent meeting with Hunkpapa horsemen. Iíd like to track these horses down if there are any left? Are there any from the Bad Warrior line available? They came up in a conversation with older relatives from Little Eagle, SD. They kept saying SanSan. I never heard that word before so I asked. Thatís our word for curly horses. They told me the story; then I remembered you reaching out to me years ago. I went back through my messenger and realized that was the same horse(s) they were taking about. The sorrel stud (Teddy's red dun brother) on the left looks like what they described. Also the mare on the left in the photos you sent also looks like what they described. (Angelica) I speak Lakota but I have never heard anyone speak of these horses before and didnít understand “SanSan.” There was a sadness in their story. They asked me to track them down if I can. I promised them Iíd try. Ernie was a friend of my dad's. I didnít make the connection before. When foals are available weíd be interested.
Volney Fast Horse (phonecall, Aug 12, 2020)
Joshua and Warrior TornadoJoshua Felicity, from Wyola Montana (Crow Reservation). Joshua as a boy (a few years back, let's not go into how far), took an SC colt (Warrior Tornado or "Nado") off my hands, when I was losing ranch. He raised the colt who (2018) won a pickup truck, team roping on him. This colt is a younger full brother to Warrior Wind (right).
"Sue Helling" <> owns a Berndt X paint horse


Curly Spanish Stockhorses
Unicorns of the Horse World: The way a Spanish Curly Stockhorse is identified--is by its Spanish pedigree. It must be identified with a verifiable pedigree, and/or registered by an existing Spanish Studbook Registry. These unique curly horses will also be tested to ascertain that they are also hypoallergenic. We invite and encourage all Curly Spanish Stockhorses to also register with the IHHA or Curly Stockhorse Registry (for a very nominal fee) in addition to their foundation Spanish registries, in order for us to keep track of these endangered horses, to help us continue to study their genetics, raise awareness about them, help promote them, help prevent their rare genetics being lost to outcrossing, and help preserve them for future generations.
Curly Colonial Spanish (mustangs?) horses
Curly Sulphur Horses
Andrea Mulnix <> Worden Montana
DH Cardenas <> California
anyone else ??


European Rare Horse Breeders
"Karen Zierler" <> Austria (Curlies Austria)
"Louise Parker" <> UK (Wales)


Barbara Carroll, Texas, Stag Creek Ranch, she did a herd reduction recently and sold off all her pure Warrior horses she got from Ernie and I; but she also knows where they went, and can direct breeders to some of them if they (or produce any pure Warrior offspring) should become available.

Mitch's logo (used with permission)

"Mitch Wilkinson" <> research liaison -- works on the Patagonia Curly Criollo horse project

"Gabriele Kärcher" <> formerly Crow Curlys Germany (order professional curly photos from Gaby)
Annie Waldow, Wing & a Prayer Warriors and appies, she used to be in Montana.
"Kuntz Nokotas" <> (Leo's family) Leo Kuntz family horses for sale
"HorseTVToday" <>


Bucking V Outfit LLC

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