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Mission Statement: This registry has formed to help specify, identify and preserve rare western bloodlines of curly stockhorses that are in danger of extinction due to lack of awareness (and / or out-crossing).

Curly Stockhorse Registry Goals:

Curly Horse Journal
of Rare Horse Research & News:

time will tell... regarding

dominant curly gene variants

this illustration represents
theories about known (identified) and unknown (unidentified) dominant curl mutations in horses
as reported in 2019 to CHJ by esteemed Research Liaison, Dr. Mitch Wilkinson.
However, as of this writing, we are still not entirely convinced that this illustration
accurately depicts what we know about dominant curly mutations.
I have asked for clarification, (awaiting answers)
about whether un-identified variants could be the same mutation...
And an explanation for how more than one "extinct variants" could be suspected, if they are gone... ?
That was where we left off... and we know inquiring minds want to know.
Stay tuned for 2020 eMagazine journal editions... (email any questions to:


Bucking V Outfit LLC

Curly Stockhorse Preservation Program founded March 2014 published online January ©2020 by Vintage Press, LLC.
last updated August 2020; author: Hiedi & Donna Grace

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The Curly Stockhorse Registry (CSR) is a new studbook division of the
International Heritage Horse Association is a cooperate of International Livestock Registries
CSR supports the preservation effort, but being a member of one is not required by the other
CSR is owned & administrated by Bucking V Outfit, LLC. & Vintage Press, LLC.