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International Heritage Horse Association (iHHa) (
is an association to promote rare breeds and bloodlines of horses
  • Curly Stockhorse Registry (
    • rare curly stockhorse bloodline preservation
    • rare curly Spanish horse research & preservation
    • rare Patagonia Criollo curly horses, Argentina
  • Iinternational Heritage Horse stud book
    • rare Zabaikalskaya Cossak curly horse, Russia
    • rare curly Lokaiskaya (Lokai) horse, originated in Tajikistan
    • rare Mongolian curly ponies
    • rare Johannesburg curly horses
    • rare

iHHa is a cooperate of the
International Livestock Registries (ILR)

herd mgt, genetic & database systems for combined breed stud and herd books
a subsidiary of Midwest Genetics, LLC., Missouri, USA.
  • General Stud & Herdbook database
    history preserved for the future
    • breed(s) and percentages recorded
    • pedigrees recorded
    • genetics documented
  • intelliBeef™ (conception to consumer database)
    • dairy, beef or dual purpose
    • registered or grade animals
    • herd management record keeping
    • animal and livestock RFID identification
    • source and age
    • claims, branding, labeling
    • breed genetics & pedigree search
    • direct marketing
    • no loss of profits to middlemen
    • grassroot solutions for small farmers
      • working with land grant university
    • no government intrusion (but compliant)
      • Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. Business Plan includes the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) which protects, defends, and broadens the rights and viability of independent farmers, artisanal food producers, and their consumers. FTCLDF was launched, Independence Day, July 4, 2007; and is a non-profit organization.


Heritage Cattle Association ( coming soon

  • to increase awareness of how rare most fullblood cattle breeds have become
  • certification of purity
  • intelliBeef certifications
  • genetics
  • breeder directory & promotion of fullblood seedstock producers
  • heritage fullblood Angus
    • old genetics that trace pure
    • fullblood Lowlines (Aberdeen Angus Assn)
  • heritage fullblood Hereford
    • old genetics that trace pure
    • fullblood miniature Herefords
  • heritage fullblood Ayrshires
  • heritage fullblood Guernseys
  • heritage fullblood Jerseys
  • heirloom miniature Durham Shorthorns
    • search for fullblood miniature Shorthorns
    • old bloodines from original breeders
    • high heritage influence
    • small and miniature framed
    • beef & dual purpose
American Lineback Dairy Cattle Registry
US Normande Breeders Organization
Heritage Shorthorn Society
North American Pinzgauer Breeders Registry
Wagyu Cattle Registry working with intelliBeef to direct market Wagyu beef to local consumers & restaurants


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ILR services pdf document
ILR Registry Database Services
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questions: email
Donna Grace, Bucking V Outfit, LLC.
call or text 406-591-6568
Facebook @SereCowgirl
Maricopa County, Arizona


can take all card pmts over phone
office, orders, enrollment, registrations, payment:
Dennis Russell, Midwest Genetics, LLC.
call or text 816-738-4179
Butler, Missouri


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Report: DNA Facts (Horses & Livestock)

Bashkirs & Curlies: What's the Difference?

International Heritage Horse Association (iHHa)

American Bashkir Curly Registry (ABCR)

International Curly Horse Association (ICHO)

Curly Stockhorse Registry

Bad Warrior (Berndt) Curly Horse History

North American Native Horse Directory

North American Native Horse Breeder Directory

Gus Cothran TX A&M Horse Breed Phylogenetic tree

Bucking V Outfit LLC

Curly Stockhorse Registry (CSR)
a studbook division of the
International Heritage Horse Association
cooperate of International Livestock Registries
CSR is owned & administrated by
Bucking V Outfit, LLC. & Vintage Press, LLC.

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